creative writing

Laura has been sitting on a mountain of completed works for years and even decades and has only recently started sharing them with the world. View her previously published writing all in one place, or individually below.


“Checkmate”, Aji Magazine, Fall 2022
“Another Life”, Ambit Magazine, Nov. 2021
“American Dream”, 50 Give or Take, Vine Leaves Press, Nov. 2021

Creative Nonfiction

“Perfect All Along”, Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Clever, Curious, Caring Cat, 2021
“Highs and Lows”, The Sun Magazine, 2020
“Men and Women”The Sun Magazine, 2018


“The Last Day of Summer”Sad Girls Club Literary Blog, 2022
“The Price”, Grand Little Things, 2020
“Downeast”, Atomic Flyswatter, 2020
“The Fisherman”, Atomic Flyswatter, 2020

Spoken Word

“Excerpts from childhood journal”, Mortified Boston, 2009