awards + honors

Long List, Flash Fiction Contest, The Pages Prize, 2023 – “Seasons Change”
Long List, Quarterly Themed Flash Fiction Competition, Retreat West, June 2022 – “Uncorked”
Short list, Better than Starbucks Sonnet Contest, 2021 – “Feast or Famine”
Semifinalist, Ruminate, The Waking Flash Prose Prize for Fiction, 2021 – “Another Life”
Second Round, Bridport Prize for Flash Fiction, 2021 – “The Last Day of Summer”
Special commendation, Ambit Magazine Short Story Contest, 2021 – “Another Life”
Long list, Palette Poetry, Sappho Prize, 2021 – “A Marriage in Nouns”
Top ten, Beyond Words Magazine “Mistakes” Contest, 2021
Semifinalist, Room Magazine Fiction Contest, 2021 – “Burn Day”
Finalist, Chestnut Review Stubborn Writers Contest, 2021 – Three pieces of flash fiction
Finalist, The Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park Hemingway Shorts Contest, 2021 – “Another Life”
Semifinalist, Flash 500 Short Story Competition, 2021 – “Checkmate”
Semifinalist, River Styx International Poetry Contest, 2020 – Three poems
Winner, Slogan Contest, Multiservice Eating Disorders Association (MEDA), 2010 – “Beauty is not a size.”