Her image appeared on materials promoting the new IROP program at UNH.

Laura has experience in social science research dating back to the mid 2000s, when she was at the University of New Hampshire majoring in Spanish and international affairs and minoring in Latin American studies and women’s studies.

In 2006, Laura was awarded a full grant to spend a summer in Puerto Rico researching the coming-of-age ceremony known as the quinceañera. She became the poster child (literally) for the International Research Opportunities Program at the University of New Hampshire, at the time one of the only programs for undergraduate research in the country. Her scholarly essay appeared in the journal of undergraduate research Inquiry.

Presenting her research on the quinceanera after a summer in Puerto Rico.

From 2006-2007, Laura fulfilled research assistantships for various professors both in the U.S. and abroad in the fields of sociology, gender studies and Latin American studies. Topics included the sex lives of college students, the mass murder of women in Juarez, Mexico, and the history of citizenship in Latin America. Her senior thesis was a comprehensive examination of the contemporary and historical trends of abortion politics in Mexico, which she presented at a department-wide symposium.

Between 2011 and 2014, Laura produced over 160 research articles on wide-ranging topics for popular search engines. In 2019, she began working as a bilingual field researcher for a Harvard research study on early education.

But Laura’s passion for research began long before she entered the hallowed halls of her alma mater. As a child and teen, the self-proclaimed introvert satisfied her inherent curiosity by spending long days in her local public library, devouring texts and documentaries on any and every topic that piqued her interest. In middle school, she researched statistics on child abduction for a book report, and as a senior in high school, she wrote an argumentative essay about the negative effects of advertising on women and girls. With an insatiable appetite for knowledge, she is almost always in the process of researching something, whether it be for her next assignment or simply for pleasure.

A more detailed overview of her research experience can be viewed on her LinkedIn profile.

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