The seeds of a journalism career took root in Laura when, at eleven years old, she attempted to launch a monthly newsletter detailing daily life in her sprawling 200-unit condo complex. Working in DOS on her family’s IBM computer–a relic by today’s standards–she assumed the roles of reporter, editor, publisher and delivery person before realizing that journalism was hard work!

Laura studied journalism in high school for two years after reading a copy of All the President’s Men and realizing that dedicated journalists could indeed change the course of history. As an undergrad at the University of New Hampshire, she was naturally drawn to a career in the student newspaper. Her demonstrated talent for writing and her relentless pursuit of truth easily landed her a position as staff writer at The New Hampshire, despite her lack of formal education in journalism. She worked there from 2004 to 2007, and eventually rose to the position of arts editor.

Since 2012, Laura has done freelance reporting for community news outlets in the greater Boston area such as The Chelsea Record and Wicked Local. In early 2019, she became the police and community relations beat reporter for Jamaica Plain Gazette, the City Council beat reporter for the Everett Independent, and the community alliance beat reporter for the Mission Hill Gazette. In mid 2019, she started covering the biweekly Town Council beat for Winthrop Transcript. She is a contributing writer for The Other Cape online magazine, which celebrates the unique culture and people of Cape Ann.

A more detailed overview of her journalism experience can be viewed on her LinkedIn profile.


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