creative writing

I am currently working on a number of short, humorous plays featuring my childhood writings.

Short Fiction
For What I Hungered, Common Ties, 2007
Scraped Knees and Freckled Cheeks, thewrit, 2006
A Letter to My Ex-wife’s New Husband, thewrit, 2005

“Old Gray Bones”The Topic Journal, 2018
“Downeast”, Atomic Flyswatter, 2020
“The Fisherman in the Basement”, Atomic Flyswatter, 2020

“Men and Women”The Sun Magazine, 2018

Stage Productions
“The Purple Notebook”, coming 2020
“My Adventures with Michael Jackson”, coming 2020
“Morbid Child”, coming 2020
“Letters to Santa”, coming 2020
“Excerpts from childhood journal”, Mortified Boston, 2009

Yoga Journal: More Questions Than Answers, Recovering Yogi, 2012