black lives matter

Saying “Black Lives Matter” is not enough. My dedication and commitment to the advancement of the Black community is demonstrated in my work not only in journalism, but in my years as a social worker and educator.

One of the best things about being a freelance journalist is that I get to choose what stories I cover. Since 2005, I have consistently chosen to cover stories that celebrate Black lives, elevate Black voices and tackle issues of racial justice.

In 2020, I started writing policy briefs about policing in America for USRESIST News, employing my skills to raise awareness of an issue that disproportionately impacts Black communities. Also in 2020, I launched a monthly column in the Winthrop Transcript called “Let’s Talk About Race” where I interview individuals about how a town that is 93 percent white can combat systemic racism.

As the vice president of the board of a local time bank, I assisted in developing an our official statement on commitment to diversity and inclusion; designed an internal survey for our membership designed to illuminate where our diversity could be improved; and sought professionals to work with us on improving our recruitment strategies. 

That being said, I know I can always do better. I promise to continue educating myself on Black history and contemporary Black issues in order to be better informed as a journalist, an American and a human being.

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Image by LaylaBird via Getty