Varian colleagues enjoy Sunday morning cricket practice at Burnham’s Field

Colleagues of Varian gather for an informal cricket practice (Photo by L. Plummer)

On the morning of August 4, a group of young men gathered at the baseball diamond in the southwest corner of Burnham’s Field for a Sunday morning cricket practice.

The men, who were in their twenties and thirties, are immigrants from India who all live in Gloucester and work as engineers at Varian Applied Materials on Dory Road.

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game similar to baseball and is wildly popular in India, having been introduced there by the British in the 1700s. Cricket normally has fifteen players per team, but the group of nine made it work, alternating who would pitch and who would bat.

The practice made for an interesting cultural experience for those who came to Burnham’s Field to walk their dogs, water their gardens or jog around the park’s paved perimeter. Some of them had never witnessed a live cricket game before.

The colleagues Chandru, Ganesh, Mallesh, Raghu, Rama, Sagar, Samy, Sri and Surya proudly smiled for a photo. Not pictured are Joshi and Puja, who were cheering their coworkers on from the bleachers.

The team doesn’t have an official name, but they tossed out some ideas like the Warriors, the Photogenics and Team Samy. For now, we will just call them the Varian Engineers Cricket Team.

This was the first time that the colleagues gathered to celebrate their mutual love for the game of cricket. We hope it won’t be the last.